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Super Field-S

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About Super Field-S

Sports teams all across the nation are switching to artificial turf because of its tried and tested benefits compared to natural grass on sports fields. One of the most popular grasses is Super Field-S. This grass saves teams money and time on maintenance, and improves performance during season games. Also, it looks just like real grass because of its Diamond blade technology, imitating the look of real grass. Generate additional revenue and improve your team's performance by installing Super Field-S today.

With a pile height of 2 1/4" and Face Weight 55 oz.yd2, Super Field-S is ideal for sports, playgrounds. The combination of Emerald Green and Lime Green and Olive Green colors looks natural and realistic.

Safety is our main concern when it comes to the products like Super Field-S, designed to provide risk-less environment for athletes. Keep in mind that artificial grass is a better alternative for infield sports (football, soccer, etc.) than natural grass. Super Field-S is one of the synthetic turf solutions that helps to protect players from injuries during a play. Super Field-S stay sturdy and smooth for many years. Super Field-S has been tested by the world-renown independent laboratories. It has been undergone vigorous UV, wear and tear tests and meets the highest standards of synthetic turf industry.

Faster drying time makes every day, including rainy days, a good day to enjoy a game. There are no mess and no stains, just and ideal and naturally looking field all year long.

Super Field-S is the safest, most durable and beautiful alternative to the old playground surfaces. Often installed in public park’s playgrounds, kindergartens and schools, it can help to reduce a risk of injuries, and to provide safe and beautifully looking environment for children to enjoy while ensuring low maintenance cost.

Color: Emerald Green and Lime Green and Olive Green
Manufacturer: Global Syn-Turf Los Angeles
Brand: Global Syn-Turf Los Angeles
5 stars - based on 104 reviews


color Emerald Green and Lime Green and Olive Green
pile height 2 1/4"
turf gauge 3/4"
face weight 55 oz.yd2
backing weight 22 oz.yd2
total weight 77 oz.yd2
stitch rate 15/10 cm
stitches/m2 7800
Roll Size (feet) 15' x 200', 15' x 100'


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