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Test Yourself - Are You a Right Candidate to Install Artificial Grass?

Artificial grass is now gaining popularity and you will be amazed at how it is making sense where home applications are concerned. It has even been found to solve landscaping issues!  For those living in low water areas, artificial grass should be your next best choice and this is because you will save yourself a hefty water bill. If also you are one of those people who is always tired of maintaining the lawn time and again, consider switching to artificial grass. It is evident that most homeowners are also switching to artificial grass and this is because they are more concerned in saving time and water together with their backs!  You are a candidate of artificial grass if the below-mentioned apply to you:  Water bills are usually too high It is tiresome to you when it comes to weeding, fertilizing, watering and cutting real grass You don't like using herbicides and chemical fertilizers You are a believer that artificial grass always looks good or even better than real grass Artificial grass basically consists of many filaments that thread their way into a backing, which is supposed to allow water to pass through. This backing is usually laid on a drainage layer, which is compacted gravel and usually fastened along the perimeter.  It is then filled with sand or crumb rubber that is recycled for the purposes of ensuring that it is not blown away in a stiff breeze.  Though artificial grass can be more expensive to install than natural sod, it will do the following:  Save you maintenance fees Significantly lower your water bill Is environmental friendly Is easy to maintain among others Call us today at (877) 796-8873 and we will help you start your project immediately!

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