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Ottis "O.J" Anderson Professional Opinion

Isn't it amazing how a true testimonial from a professional in any field means so much more than just a person you might pass on the street. As I was watching one of the Global Syn-Turf interviews with Ottis "O.J" Anderson regarding the complexities as well as the numerous synthetic turf styles available... I realized that the need for professional input was valuable no matter what type of information it is.

When making a real informed decision it is essential. A real professional making a comment about the quality of any product speaks volumes for those interested. Because Ottis is, right... Global Syn-Turf takes great pride in supplying the consumer a quality product that is also affordable. This is an investment that will last your entire lifetime! Normally the real questions come into play... "Does it feel real? Does it look real?" According to Otis and everyone else who has seen what Global Syn-Turf products can do... the answer to both questions is a resounding and emphatic "YES!"

April 8, 2015   |   Football Field, Football Field

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